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Now Playing was released on July 17, 2008 by Red Rose Publishing.

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Now Playing by Mechele Wade
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Arriving at a private play party by himself, Michael doesn't know if he will be playing with anyone or not. He hopes Marie is there, but since he was late to response, he doesn't know who will be there.

Would Marie be there? Would this be the time she was allowed to play with someone else, would it be Michael? Would he finally get her on a cross?

Only time will tell.


Twilight began to fall by the time Michael arrived at the party. He hadn't planned on attending but was bored at home. He figured if no one was there to play with, since he hadn't made any plans in advance, he could watch for a while and maybe catch up with some of the other Masters' he hadn't seen in a while. Michael was hoping someone was there to make it worthwhile for the drive tonight. Since he was late to RSVP he wasn't sure who would be there and who would not. It took almost an hour from his home to arrive at the ordinary looking house in the middle of the suburbs.

Michael parked his car at the curb on the side of the house and got out. He was dressed casually in black jeans and a black t-shirt. The black really set off his ice blue eyes with his black hair. His eyes were one of the most striking features about him. Getting his bag from the trunk he proceeded on to the house. No Master showed up to a party without his toybag whether he was going to be playing or not.

He walked into the house, setting his bag down in the corner. Luckily for Michael he recognized a few of his friends there, and then he spied someone he'd wanted to play with for a while now. But it seemed Marie only played with her husband, Dan. He wasn't sure exactly why but he hoped one day he would have the chance to mark her body for just a little while. He had seen her several times before and had chatted with her on those occasions. He knew she watched him with interest while he was playing with other subs but she had yet to ask if he had time for her. He slowly made his way around the room, stopping here and there to chat. Casually making his rounds and looking to see who was there he could play with. He had a new toy in his bag he was dying to try out. It seems his luck had run out as he didn't see anyone there at the moment he could or would play with, except for Marie.

Since Michael didn't think he would get the chance to play with Marie, he figured he would hang around for an hour or so then head home. Hearing moans and sometimes screams of pleasure coming from the dungeon, he headed down to see who the sounds were coming from and see if he had missed someone he could play with. If they were playing, he knew they would have to recover before he could put them on the cross or over the spanking bench. He much preferred the cross, having the whole back of the body to work on left the front open as well if you wanted to cause some pain mixed with pleasure there as well.

Walking down the steps the sound became clearer but he didn't recognize who the voice belonged to. He was surprised to see her making all the noise. Normally she was quiet and only whimpered or moaned every now and then.

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